3 Benefits You May Experience When Using The Heartbeat Listener

post pregnant woman with her child
  1. Feeling a lot less anxious. It is totally normal for you to feel nervous before your next prenatal visit. But yes, it still sucks. The build up of doubts that naturally enter your mind arenʼt to be wished on anyone. The heartbeat monitor puts your mind at ease.

  2. Anywhere, anytime. With the heartbeat monitor, you have the freedom to use the device from the comfort of your own home, or at a friends house. Anywhere that is safe with enough space to lay down is perfect.

  3. Monitor your child’s ever growing heartbeat. Each week that passes by your baby will be growing stronger and their heartbeat louder, and with the help of the heartbeat monitor, you get to experience this first hand.

I would like to mention that this device is by no means a replacement to your professional prenatal visit. Nor, should it be constantly be relied upon.

post pregnant woman with her child

How does it work?

A Doppler probe sends out high-frequency sound waves that pass through your skin and tissue and into your baby. When the waves encounter movement, such as your baby’s heart beating, they bounce back to the device. The device then translates the movement into sound, which the machine amplifies so you can hear it.

See it in action below

Why should you use it?

Instead of me giving you the reasoning as to why you should use the heartbeat monitor, we decided to allow the moms who have purchased the device previously to give their opinion. “I get really bad pregnancy anxiety from time to time so I bought a heartbeat listener. I started using mine at week 15.

It took me a while to find the heartbeat but when I did, it was a huge relief. If you find your that their heart is beating really fast, don’t worry! It’s completely normal.” Hannah, 22.

“I used my doppler while I was pregnant with my second boy. I LOVE IT. Wish I had it for my first!!!” Grace, 30.

“My friend told me about this baby monitor so I ordered it because she promised me I wouldn’t regret it.

While my pregnancy went smoothly I have to admit I became pretty addicted to this thing. Listening to the sounds with my boyfriend became a regular occurrence.” Madison, 28.

As you can see from the reviews, the reasons for using the device vary. What we have found is that the reasoning for using it is completely personal and it’s for you to make.

The heartbeat monitor, has been used to help women settle their anxiety, give them peace of mind whilst lightening the mood in what can be a challenging 9 months.

post pregnant woman with her child

Thank you very much for taking time out to read our blog post. We really hope you enjoyed our content and find it very useful.

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