Build A Beautiful Relationship With Your Newborn

BabyBlvd baby smiling an looking at the camera as his mother holds him.
  1. Skin On Skin

    If you have not already tried this, we highly recommend going bare as much as possible! There is something unique about skin on skin contact. Cuddling and caressing your newborn child is something special and innate. You get the chance to stare and gaze into your baby’s eyes whilst admiring the beauty you have created, lucky you!

    As you know pregnancy can be quite overwhelming and very tough, but it’s at times like this that we truly get to experience how special being a mother is.

  2. Breast Feeding

    Your child learns to trust you, whilst consuming vital nutrients you provide, creating a unique bond. Read and appreciate your baby’s body language and facial expression as they continue to gulp away.

    If you’re unable to nurse, however, there is nothing to worry about, as replacing this with a bottle can be just as magical. A lot of mothers recommend touching, talking and just simply appreciating the special moment. (So precious!)

  3. Sleep Close To Your Baby

    Although this can be a bit noisy, it’s worth the trauma caused to your ears! Bond all night long with your baby as they lay beside you — a cot or a bedside bassinet will do perfectly. Lean over and take quick a peek!

    To ensure your baby gets the best sleep possible, aim for a room temperature of about 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

  4. Sling Up

    The practice of wearing slings has been and is still being used throughout the world for good reason. It allows you to give your newborn a unique perspective on life as soon as possible. Used safely, slings can be used to great effect. Get up close and personal with your little sunshine. Walk or sit, as you connect and bond.

    There are two very different methods. First the traditional method, which consists of wrapping your baby in a large cloth and carefully securing them to you. Most women prefer to use a modern day sling, however.

  5. Embrace the Cry

    This is the only time when noise cancellation is not required. Listening to your baby’s own language, allowing you to carefully analyse the tone, which in turn will help you understand him/her a lot more. An unbreakable bond will be created as you will be able to figure out if he/she is crying to be fed, changed, or just simply wants some loving! In return, your baby will learn to trust you.

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