Ways To Boost Fertility

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  1. Eat Clean

    Staying well-nourished, boosts chances of conceiving! It’s essential to include enough Iron, Zinc, Protein, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C in your diet. Deficiencies in these nutrients can correlate to lengthened menstrual cycles, which in turn leads to less frequent ovulation and an increased risk of miscarriage.

    We advise consulting your doctor to familiarize yourself with daily multivitamins they may recommend.

    The table below consists of the most nutrient dense foods:

    Iron Zinc Protein Vitamin D Vitamin C
    Pumpkin Seeds Spinach Eggs Sunlight Yellow Bell Peppers
    Chicken Liver Beef Almonds Cod liver oil Guavas
    Seafood Shrimp Chicken Breast Sardines Kale
    Nuts Kidney beans Oats Salmon Kiwifruit
    Beef and Lamb Flax Seeds Cottage Cheese Mackerel Broccoli
  2. Don’t Drink and Conceive

    Thorough research conducted shows that consuming alcohol not only decreases your ability to get pregnant but it may also harm a developing fetus. Why? It disturbs estrogen levels, which may interfere with egg implantation. You shouldn’t cut it out completely as a glass of wine with your nutrient dense food is unlikely to harm fertility – be cautious though.

    Caffeine may also be consumed less regularly, the daily average amount for an adult is 400mg but for you and your baby it is 200mg (two cups). The most beneficial thing to do, however, is to replace coffee with lemon water.

  3. Control Your Weight

    When there is a surplus of fat, the amount of estrogen produced far exceeds the amount required for your body, disrupting your hormones, proteins and vital chemicals in the process. Your cycles may occur less regularly and you may also ovulate less often.

    Being under weight can also cause the same complications. How do you know if you’re at the right weight?

    Check your BMI here

    If you happen to be at an unhealthy weight, contact your doctor.

  4. Nip It In The Bud

    Ah, smoking, another reason for you quit. Smoking over a sustained period of time can cause serious complications when a woman is trying to conceive. The toxins in a cigarette can cause damage to a woman’s eggs, disturbing the fertilization and implantation process. This also causes your ovaries to age.

    Although, the effects of smoking can not the be reversed immediately, nipping it in the bud can increase chances of conceiving.

  5. The Fertile Window

    The six days that end on the day of ovulation is called the fertile window. Doctors have stated that it can increase your chances of conceiving within the three days before ovulation.

    There are several ways to monitor this closely, either by simply using the calendar or figuring out the 14 days before the menstrual period is due. Alternatively, you can use an ovulation predictor kit.

  6. Stay Away From Pesticides and Other Harmful Chemicals

    Exposing yourself to pesticide — agricultural pesticides being the most dangerous, may decrease both men and women’s fertility rates. If you work in the printing and dry cleaning industry the solvents and toxins can have an affect on your chances of conceiving.

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